People will listen to you if you entertain them.
A small change can make a big difference.
Promote the power of change while encouraging
individuals to make changes of their own.
Innovation is not measured in might, but in promise.

Sometimes it’s the smallest change that makes the biggest difference. Designed
without a heavy heatsink, the SlimStyle LED bulb is the first of its kind. Lighter
on resources and our wallets, this is more than just a light bulb. It’s a lighter bulb.
Change is inevitable. Knowing what to change is ingenuity.

People desire change, but seek comfort in familiarity. Intelligence is found somewhere in between.
Crafted with this in mind, the SlimStyle LED maintains the recognizable warm glow of an incandescent bulb.
And that’s what makes it so different.
What is the price of brilliance? Surprisingly, not much.

There’s a theory that the value of an object can be measured by the strength and weight of
its materials. The Slimstyle LED bulb is light and made of plastic. So it wouldn’t be out
of the question to assume that it’s, well, cheap. And that’s exactly what it is.
Microsite elaborates on the benefits of the LED bulb and introduces
viewers to Everest—a social platform designed to inspire change. Users
earn points by using the app and exchange them for Philips rewards.
  • LIVE!
    Everest allows users to make a change by creating goals and joining the goals of others.
    Art Direction: Devin Hilgenkamp, Matthew Zimmerman
    Web Coding: Eric Witman
    Copywriting: Eric Witman