To prove Cadillac was an arbiter of style, we helped launched its
XT5 Crossover alongside NY fashion house Public School.
Our approach was Parallels by Design, an exploration
of similarities between automotive and fashion design.

Parallels by Design led us to the Public School headquarters, where we divined
connections between the two brands' workspaces, inspirations and creative processes.
Sharing Sensibilities

We then challenged Public School to create a capsule collection inspired by the new XT5 Crossover.
Cadillac X Public School Collection

The Cadillac XT5 Crossover was unveiled in Dubai during Public School's debut international runway show.
The entire journey was captured in the “Parallels by Design” film, which also debuted in Dubai.

The Parallels by Design content series at provided a deeper exploration of the two sartorial worlds.

Parallels by Design: Form

Parallels by Design: Signature

The Parallels were also featured on the Cadillac and Public School Instagram accounts.

Parallels by Design: Introduction

Parallels by Design: Exploration

Parallels by Design: Form

Parallels by Design: Construction

Eric Witman: Copywriter
Gina Wall: Art Director
Michael Tagle: Creative Director
Ricardo Munoz: Associate Creative Director