When it seemed like the nation was tearing apart,
Cadillac dared us to carry each other forward.
The story began on Oscars' eve with an open letter from me Cadillac.
It was a simple message; we can transcend wars and walls together.
Greater Together Portraits: Phase One
We are different, but we are one. With this in mind, we partnered with Humans of New York to create Greater Together Portraits.
Before the Oscars, a piece of each portrait was revealed in the press and city streets.

Greater Together Portraits: Phase Two
During the Oscars, a bigger picture was revealed. The partial portraits were paired with dissimilar faces to demonstrate the greatness of unity.

Countdown to Launch: Instagram
Cadillac's Instagram gallery became a countdown to the brand film's release.
“Carry” aired as the final tile was laid into place.
Ladies and gentlemen...the 2017 Cadillac Oscars spot.

As the spot aired, the Greater Together experience at DareGreatly.com went live.
Visitors could read Cadillac's open letter, dive into the stories behind “Carry”
and experience the latest installment of the Greater Together Portraits project.

Landing Page

The Stories Behind “Carry”

Ken Nwadike, commonly known as the “Free Hugs Guy”, was one of several heroes to appear in the brand film.
After spending time with Ken, we learned he was much more than a monicker. His story could lead people forward.
Other Stories Behind “Carry”

There were more stories to be told.
Meet the lovers, fighters and leaders of “Carry”.



Greater Together Portraits: Continued
During the Oscars, the next chapter of Greater Together Portraits was unveiled. We dove deeper
into the stories of “Carry” and encouraged individuals to share their driving forces using #CarryForward.
Eric Witman: Copywriter
Gina Wall: Art Director
Ryan O'Keefe: Creative Director
“Carry” Credits: Andy Bird, John Kenny